NEW YEAR’S EVE 2017: Detroit City Distillery @ Chive Kitchen

For reservations click here to access our registration page
$85 per seat + 20% gratuity and sales tax.

A custom Detroit City Distillery Bar Menu will feature drinks available for purchase at the event.

Our special New Year’s Eve six course, Italian inspired dinner will feature items infused with Detroit City Distillery‘s beautiful spirits, accompanied by a special cocktail menu designed by our friends at DCD.



Our menu below is preliminary and subject to change based on availability and our perfecting the recipes.

house made foccacia, mushroom butcher’s cut bourbon pate, house made pistachio crusted mozzarella, fried hominy corn chips, roasted red pepper butcher’s cut bourbon jam, miyoko’s rustic alpine cashew cheese, brown sugar balsamic aioli, sweet potato chive cream cheese, pickled heirloom carrots, fresh pesto cauliflower

naples style soup with caramelized leek and tomato broth, Neapolitan sausage, spinach, dehydrated tomato, crispy basil, bourbon aioli

house made saffron fettuccine, lobster mushroom vodka sauce, lemon ricotta, paprika toasted pistachios, shaved white truffles

lemon basil sorbet by Ice Cream Plant

pistachio panko chicken seitan scallopini, buttery whiskey cream sauce, hen of the woods and swiss chard ragu, yukon gold parsnip mashed potatoes, caramelized pearl onions, fried olives, fried capers, fried golden beets, grilled lemon, violife parmesan

fava bean garlic hummus, arugula, basil pickled green beans, pesto pistachio and gin dressing

pistachio caramel, almond sponge, cardamom persimmon railroad gin preserves, cream cheese custard, coconut cream, candied pistachios

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